Tanzarine Technology

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Enterprise Java Intranet Portal

The key screen on a modern corporate intranet is the entry screen. This will be the default screen every time a corporate user accesses the intranet, and is both the beginning of navigation around the intranet and a controlled access point to the Internet.

The Tanzarine portal is implemented similarly to those on offer on the Internet. It's primary source of information is XML documents, but the application is structured in such a way that additional content sources can be easily added.


Historically, this application was originally a perl CGI application which would download remote web pages and extract sections of them for display on a summary web page. From there it evolved into a Java Servlet which worked in a similar fashion, from there to an XML driven Java application, and most recently to a multiple tier J2EE server based application, running on JBoss and Tomcat.

The portal can be used both for external Internet sites as well as internal sites (other hosts on the intranet). Data transfer is all via the HTTP protocol, so all information can be accumulated quickly, with basic article information cached within the portal. Future versions will also cache referenced web data (such as images) as well, where appropriate.