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Site Redesign for 2006

The Tanzarine web site has again been updated to create new page layouts, retaining the styling based on the company's branding and logo. The changes this year are to the positioning of sidebars and the introduction of "rounded corners" on box borders, which have been extended to surround whole areas, rather than just two sides as previous. Additionally, some lengthy articles have been marked so as to appear within a scrolling region on the screen, ensuring that site navigation is always available.

All of the existing site features, such as automatic index page generation, automatic hierarchical navigation link generation, and the creation of XML RSS documents containing easily exportable index information, have been retained.

This year's changes have all been implemented using CSS, to the extent that each page can be viewed, if desired, in the 2005 layout if your browser supports alternate style sheet selection.

Whilst the development has been intentionally cross-browser, there are some minor issues with layout, as follows.

All Browsers

The layout positions header and footer artefacts relative to the top and bottom of each page. Whilst this does not create problems for most of the pages on the site, where a page has relatively few lines of content on it, the footer elements may overlay the header elements, including the navigation on left hand side. Whilst pages where this is a clear problem have been identified and addressed, all pages will inevitably "shrink" in the vertical direction if the window area is maximised fully, as use of all available space was one of the requirements of the site design. This will also occur if the font setting on the browser is reduced to a very small size. Any other occurrences of this phenomenon should be reported to [email protected] so that they can be addressed.


This does not position the left sidebar in the correct location. Also, in some circumstances, the browser vertical scrollbar may increase incorrectly on page reload. This can be recovered by maximising and then restoring the window.

Internet Explorer

Some background images are not displayed correctly when pages are reloaded. This can be fixed sometimes by scrolling the page, or reloading the page. Note that it appears likely that the layout will break in IE7, according to some advance information released by the developers.